(HRC) Healing & Restoration Consulting LLC strives to meet the mental health needs of the under-served communities with emphasis in serving individuals and families within their environmental context in order to receive a full view of individual/ family function, social supports, and strengths. Healing and Restoration Consulting LLC, is a diverse, innovative, strength-based team of professionals and practitioners who strive to empower and support individuals and families in their goals of becoming self-sufficient. By teaming together in a person-centered manner to provide culturally appropriate assessment, therapy, and life skills to further enhance individuals/ communities served quality of life.

Job Type: Part-time with potential for full time hours – Mobile (flexible can work from home between client appointments)
Office Location: Eden, MN, Education/ Training Required (see qualification below)
Pay rate: $20 to $25hr (Fee for Service -based on client contact hours)


  • Oversee client domestic responsibilities, educating and assisting them as needed.
  • Verbally communicate with clients in a supportive and positive fashion throughout daily interactions.
  • Act as an appropriate role model for clients.
  • Plan and be actively involved in all recreational and programmatic aspects of scheduled shift.
  • Provide appropriate supervision, assistance and training in meeting clients’ physical and emotional needs such as nutrition, grooming, socialization, family involvement, etc.
  • Be responsible as a primary staff person for assigned clients including program development, assessment and documentation.
  • Completely and accurately document work with client during their program.
  • Assist clients in achieving treatment goals through individual and group activities.


Mental health practitioners providing services for the treatment of mental illness, who are not eligible for enrollment, must be under clinical supervision of a mental health professional and must be qualified in at least one of the following ways:

1. Holds a bachelor’s degree in a behavioral science or a related field, from an accredited college or university

2. Has completed at least 30 semester hours or 45 quarter hours in behavioral sciences or related fields and has at least 2,000 hours of supervised experience in the delivery of services to adults or children with: Mental illness, substance use disorder, or emotional disturbance or Traumatic brain injury or developmental disabilities and completes training on mental illness, recovery from mental illness, mental health de-escalation techniques, co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse, and psychotropic medications and side effects

3. If fluent in a non-English language of a cultural group to which at least 50% of the practitioners' recipients belong, completes 40 hours of training in the delivery of services to recipients with mental illness, and receives clinical supervision from a mental health professional at least once a week until the requirements of 2,000 hours of supervised experience are met OR has at least 4,000 hours of supervised experience in the delivery of mental health services to recipients with mental illness. Hours worked as a mental health behavioral aide I or II under Children’s Therapeutic Services and Supports (CTSS) may be included in the 4,000 hours of experience for child recipients. In addition to the above criteria: A mental health practitioner for an adult recipient must have training working with adults. All candidates must pass a pre-employment background screening.